Friday, October 17, 2008

About Your Visit to the Muir Woods National Monument

You may visit the Muir Woods National Monument from sunrise to sunset. During this period a ranger is available to request to guide you through the main area and explain points of interest.
Souvenirs and refreshments are available at the Muir Woods Shop adjacent to the administration building.
There are no facilities for camping or other overnight accommodation in the monument, but you will find all types of facilities in nearby cities (such as Sausalito) .
Please note the following requirements which are necessary for the protection of the natural beauties of the monument, as well as for your comfort and convenience:
  • Visitors must stay on trails
  • Dogs are permitted only on leash or otherwise under physical restrictive control.
  • Picnicking or eating lunches is permitted only in the picnic area, and no fires may be built
  • Flowers, ferns, or foliage may not be picked or mutilated, and property, trees or plants must not be damaged, defaced, or removed
  • Games which tend to destroy vegetation are not allowed.
  • Fishing, hunting, or possession of firearms is not permitted.
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