Friday, October 17, 2008

Animal Life of the Muir Woods National Monument

There are numerous deer in the monument. However, you are likely to see them only in early morning or late evening, except in the fall of the year when there is better feed in the valley than on the hillsides. Raccoons are plentiful, and bobcats and skunks are occasionally seen. Birds are numerous and varied, but the majority of them spend their time in the tall treetops or in the small trees on the higher hillsides so that it is not easy to distinguish them. Fry and fingerlings of salmon and steelhead trout are numerous, moving about in the pools during summer and fall. When the winter rains have raised the water level in Redwood Creek, you may see, but are not permitted to catch, mature salmon and steelhead trout fighting their way up the rapids to the spawning beds within the monument.
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